Wednesday, July 25, 2012

30 Day Challenge

It’s been a while since I actually experimented on P…it’s time (after all the title of the blog is The Hubby EXPERIMENT for a reason). So here is the experiment:
While trying to find other Hubby Experiment impostors online, I came across a Christian blog called “Sweet tea” by Lori Frank (not an impostor by the way). On one of her posts, the author asks her readers to participate on a 30 day challenge that contains 30 daily tasks or gestures to perform on your husband to show your appreciation. All of the 30 things are very sweet and on paper look like something that a good wife would do…HOWEVER, they are also pretty corny and I am sure that P will be more confused than amused when I execute this experiment on him. PERFECT! THIS IS GOING TO BE HILARIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starting today, the experiment begins. I don’t know that I can wait 30 days so I will probably end up doing a couple of tasks each day. I am also not going to do this in order (I will pick whichever is more convenient at the time) I will report on my progress every few days wuaaaaaaaaahahahahaha.

If you feel so inclined, please join me and conduct your own experiment on your spouse/significant other (doesn’t have to be a husband; boyfriends, girlfriends, wives will work just as well) and share the findings. Here is the link to the blog:

And these are the daily tasks:
1. When he's in the shower pull back the curtain and in a flirty voice tell him he's looking especially hunky today.  Give him a little smack on the booty and thank him for starting your day with a smile.
2.  Put the kids to bed a little early and offer him a head massage.  Lay him back in your lap and rub his scalp and forehead.  Dab some sweet perfume on your wrists before you start.
3.  When he gets home from work, stop whatever you are doing long enough to look at him, smile with your whole face and go over and kiss him.  Smile again.  Say "I missed you today, welcome home!"
4.  Text him at work that you were just thinking about what a great man he is and that thinking of him made you smile.
5.  Download a sappy love song off itunes leave a post it note on his ipod saying it expresses just how you feel about him.
6.  Ask him before he leaves for work if there is anything you can do to make his day smoother or any errands you could run for him.
7.  Take a photo of yourself with your kids and text it to him with the caption "Hi, from your fan club".
8.  When his alarm goes off tell him thank you and that you love him for being a "hard working man".
9.  Offer to watch some golf or football or whatever he would like after dinner.  Give him one whole night with nothing negative to deal with.
10.  Pick out his favorite kind of gum and leave a pack of it by his wallet with a note that says "I still chews you".
11.  Post something awesome about him on Facebook and tag him in it so he knows you did it.
12.  Make his favorite dish and tell him you did it because you were thinking about how you appreciate all he does for the family.
13.  Brag on him to the kids about something he does that you appreciate.  Let him hear you say it.
14.  Buy him a new pair of boxers and say, "I got you something today.  I just thought they would look incredible on you."  *wink wink*
15.  Raise up his shirt and scratch his back with your nails until he gets the chills.
16.  Suggest he spend time on his day off doing something he enjoys without making him feel guilty.
17.  Suggest the two of you go and do something he likes to do... Go shoot at a shooting range, go to the driving range, take a hike, or sit in the deer stand.  You could also suggest a movie he's been talking about.
18.  Take the kids out for pizza on Saturday or Sunday and suggest he takes an afternoon nap.  Turn off the phones.
19.  Get up a little earlier than him and make a big hearty breakfast for him or wake him up with coffee or fresh squeezed juice in bed.
20.  Hug him and tell him how good he smells before he leaves for work.
21.  Make his favorite dessert and send it to work with him to share with all his coworkers.
22.  Write the word "Handsome" with and arrow pointing at his reflection in your bathroom mirror.  Dry erase markers work perfect for this.
23.  Leave him a post it on his steering wheel wishing him a good day and smiley face.
24.  Send him an email just to say you love him and appreciate him.
25.  Do one of his regular household chores for him.
26.  Offer him a back rub.
27.  Bend over and kiss his neck when he's on the computer. Exhale warm breath in his ear.
29.  Don't pick up or check your phone when you are together .
30.  Say yes when it would be easier to say no.


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    1. I know some of these even Im too cool to do, but it must be done in the name of science