Sunday, October 9, 2011

Its time to start experimenting

Now that I am obsessed with recording P's behavior in order to have material for this blog, I've started to notice that he is not only crazy, but he is also REALLY sweet. This week he bought me a box of skinny cow ice-cream when he went to the store, without me even asking, and today he took me to a place where you could rent dogs for a while and take them out for a walk. Only he would know how obsessed I am with dogs, especially with their ears (I even have an imaginary dog that I pet once in a while, but that’s the subject for another blog and P is free to write about it any time he wants) and what a great surprise it was! Unfortunately the place had gone out of business, but it was still a sweet surprise. This week he also found me a beer that I actually like.
Apparently this blog is not only teaching me to keep my neurotic tendencies in check, but it is also helping me appreciate P’s little thoughtful and loving gestures which don’t get the recognition they deserve some times.

Alright, enough of the corny stuff, that does not sell blogs, lets get into the crazy! Unluckily for me, P was unusually normal this week. Aside form the customary:

P: I am going to go buy coffee from Starbucks next door
Me: Sure, can you take the trash out
P: Sure dear………..(grabs trash/spaces out/ leaves trash in the living room/ leaves the house/trash sits next to the couch for two days)……………

He didn’t do anything particularly interesting. Of course this is my luck (Murphy’s Law), so I had to take charge and do what any other good blog writing wife would do: set him up. Here is the plan: I’ve strategically placed an empty toilet paper roll on top of the toilet.

If my theory is correct, this one toilet paper roll will attract any other available toilet paper rolls in the area BECAUSE according to my hypothesis, P is unable to throw away ANY toilet paper rolls, period. Don’t ask me why, but he can’t. The experiment will last for a period of a month or until I break down and can’t take it any longer and have to throw them away. I will be very honest, I am scared. I picture our bathroom overflowing with paper rolls everywhere, kind of like hoarder houses, forcing us to dig through the mountain of rolled cartoons just to get into the shower. I’ve never in my adult life have walked by an empty paper roll without having the urge to throw it away, in fact the one sitting on top of my toilet right now is killing me! But I have to be strong in the name of science and the millions of women around the globe who are searching for an answer. Perhaps this experiment will bring us closer to the truth. I will keep you updated of “our progress” in the next few weeks.
PS: Check out the poll that I’ve created and see if you can guess who many toilet paper rolls we will end up accumulating

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