Friday, October 28, 2011

And the real crazy is........

Writing this blog has been so much fun, especially because there seem to be a lot of people who really like it and think it’s hilarious J THAT IS THE WHOLE IDEA!: Seeing the funny side of marriage (which is the bigger side btw). I have also received a few comments, from some dudes that felt offended and think that I should not be making fun of my hubby. I love these comments too because a blog without controversy is a blog destined to fail. So even though I will keep on pointing out P’s hilariousness (I refuse to be married if we can’t make fun of each other) and I will continue to trick him with experiments, today, just to show that I am a good sport, I will tell you about some of my not so glamorous, unenlighten side, as well as those of some fellow lovely ladies who have been kind enough to share with me some of their own stories (and even agreed to let me write them on the blog!).

So today I want to talk about NEUROTIC BEHAVIOR. Yes we ladies are ALL “blessed” with it, some more than others, and there is not one single men in this world that does not know what I am talking about…in fact, most people have been victims of this phenomena, and I would like to take this chance to apologize to my parents, my brother, my husband, P and all the unfortunate victims who have and will cross my path during one of these very unstable PMSy/irrational and overly emotional moments. All I can say is that sometimes I can control it, but sometimes I don’t really want to and I have to let the monster come out. The best thing you can do as a victim, is to shut up, move away slowly and try to view it with a little bit of humor (in your head cause if you laugh at me you might not make it out alive) because if you think about it, there is something pretty funny about an irrational crazy woman. If you don’t think so just read the following real life, psycho wife stories, as told by the crazies themselves: my mom, my best friend Catalina and yours truly. See if you can match the story with the correct coo-coo (its going to be pretty obvious)
Story 1: “I asked my husband to clean the dishes. After several days of him not “complying” I could not take it anymore. One day I walked into my apartment after a long day at work and saw the disgusting dishes sitting in the kitchen zinc and I JUST LOST IT. So I started grabbing them and throwing them and breaking them, I mean if he didn’t need clean dishes he probably didn’t need dishes at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I guess this made sense at the time :S). Oh yeah and when he got home I made him clean it all”

HAHAHAHAH my guess is that the poor guy did it out of pure fear!  
Story 2: “I just couldn’t take it anymore. After having my first baby I felt fat and ugly and like I no longer had a life. One day I had had enough. While baby was sleeping, I decided that I was going to go out to catch up with my friend. So I put on the only pair of jeans that fitted and took off. As I was opening the door I hear my baby making some noises. I went to check and when I saw her face I realized I was the worst mom in the world!!!!!!!! A few hours later my husband found me on the floor, balling my eyes out whil, holding my baby.” When I told him what happened he said: How come you didn’t just take the baby with you?”
She was so hysterical she didn’t even think about it LOL!
Story 3: Wife: “Honey, tell me about the most memorable time that you can remember, when I just lost it and started screaming at you and was totally bitchy and neurotic so that I can write about it on my blog.”
Husband: ”Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I can’t really think of anything”
Wife: “Come on, how can you not remember! There has to be at least one time” (starting to get frustrated)
Husband: “I don’t think you do that too much” (fear in his eyes)
Wife: “How can you not remember, come on, I know I am bitchy sometimes, come on how can you nooooooooot remembeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Husband: (Thinking:”crap”)
So YES, I admit it! Apparently I have been misusing the word “crazy” throughout this blog. “P is crazy and does crazy things” Na-ah P does do some weird things, but crazy he is not. Despite my ability to overlook oil stains on my yoga mat or millions of empty beer bottles taking over the kitchen, I do lose it once in a while so I might as well admit it: I am the one and only ruling psycho inhabitant of my castle! Hope this makes those offended dudes feel a bit better J

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  1. I just about broke out in tears reading through this. I was laughing so hard that my eyes started to water.

    We love u Panchi!