Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Super Powers

Tonight might be one of the most live changing evenings in our marriage life. A volunteer from Boston Buddies is coming to inspect our apartment to make sure that the one eyed Boston Terrier that I felt in love (see pic below) with will be happy living here and that we will be good loving parents. I haven’t talked about my Boston Terrier obsession in this blog yet, but if you have talked to me in the past couple of years I am sure I’ve brought it up at some point. I’ve had a name picked up for a looooong time and every time I see a Boston I go crazy. Even when P sees one during the day he makes it a point to send me a text message because he knows it makes me feel warm inside.  Anyway, the point is that this is VERY IMPORTANY for me so I’ve spent the past few days cleaning EVERYTHING, making sure that the apartment is perfect so that the volunteer agrees that Columbo and I are meant to be together and so that I can finally move on from an imaginary doggie to a real one and find something else to obsess about.

Here is my concern tough: There is this one room in the apartment…the MAN cave, which of course if full of P’s sssssss………stuff and that I am not allowed to touch or move (if I was it would be alllllllllll gone wuahahahahahahah) and I (or any other human being for that matter) wouldn’t call it a tidy room.  So that was the one room he promised he could take care of. As of yesterday, while I was out of town for work, this was the report on the room cleaning effort: “Don’t worry, I will clean it when I get home after work, while I work out”…………………….WHILE I WORK OUT………I WILL CLEAN THE ROOM……..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ……… While I work out huh? Is there some sort of super power that I am not aware of that allows men to clean and work out at the same time? I mean all this time we thought that they were lousy multi-taskers but now it turns out that they are able to clean and work out all at the same time! If this is true, this discovery could change the way households around the world operate! How about take the trash while doing squads, or throwing away toilet paper rolls while doing burpees OR folding laundry while doing bear crawls! We would not only have clean neat houses but also really fit six packed husbands! IMAGINE THE POSIBILITIEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS (I can almost cry from the excitement)
As it turns out, there is not such super power, it’s 20 minutes before the volunteer is supposed to show up and P is pilling all the Man Cave sssssss……tuff in a basket and kicking the rest of it under the bed. To be honest with you I never really expected him to clean it and I couldn’t care less that it’s a mess; after all I have no reason to ever go in there and if the volunteer doesn’t like it, well maybe we are not meant to have a dog (we did kill a fish before so…….). I just like to give him a hard time :D , in fact I told him that if I didn’t get my puppy because of the messy room I was going to sell his brand new fancy cell phone and I was going to use the money to get me a Boston from a breeder….of course I was bluffing since I am too cheap to buy a breeder dog, BUT, that is the super power that I DO HAVE and that will get used wuahahahahahahahaahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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