Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back to normal

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog. In fact it’s been over a month and a half. Last time you heard from me I was telling you how we were getting ready for an interview with the Boston Buddies Rescue group so that we could show them that we would be good parents to the one eyed Boston that we wanted. Well….despite the fact that I wanted that dog more than anything in the world and that I cleaned the house a million times and practice in my head what I was going to say and had a name picked and told P to let me do the talking, we did not get Columbo…some other family did. IT WAS DEVASTATING! Sucks to get your hopes up like that and then crushed into pieces. Especially after we were told that we did great and that we would have been a great match. Well obviously somebody was better (PSH!) After we found out about the news P told me not to worry about it that Columbo was probably going to be really unhappy with the other family. I DIDN’T WANT HIM TO BE UNHAPPY! Just the family who took it away from me, I want them to be miserable!!!! So Columbo if your lack of one eye enhances some other of your senses, like the power to read minds, read mine and make sure you play the one eye only card as much as you can, chew on everything that you are not supposed to, don’t get potty trained and enjoy life to the max. If those owners have a heart they will still love you like I would’ve had.
So I was going to write this whole thing about how this traumatic experience left me unable to write blogs…yes I was upset and sad, but I eventually got over it (I will explain more about that later), the honest truth is that I was bored and exhausted. I didn’t really feel like paying attention, thinking or writing about P…….WHAT!? YES I SAID IT, I just didn’t feel like making the effort to make hubby or our marriage happy I just wanted somebody (probably P) else to pick up the slack and make everything easy and fun again, while I sat on a corner waiting and kind of peeking once in a while. The worst part is that I knew what I was doing, knew how to fix it but couldn’t make myself snap out of it. Lots of factors contributed to my stubbornness all of which can be summarized as poor setting of priorities and filling up my plate too much, but regardless of the reasons, it sucked for everyone involved. And then after weeks of lameness (cause we didn’t even fight that’s how lame everything was) and blaaaaaa relationship the most awesome and most simplistic thing happened: My man/hero stepped to the plate and with the simplest act of courage (it took A LOT of courage from his part) we invited me on a date to dance salsa. When the words :”you want to go salsa” came out of his mouth, I almost fainted, was I really hearing what I was hearing? Yes I was! And so we went, and we danced and we drank and we sucked and we laughed and we had a blast! That’s all it took to make me snap out of it! As my wonderful hubby did his best effort to move his hips I could feel the good wife in me coming back to life, telling him how he was the best dancer in the class and that everyone was trying to copy him (of course this wasn’t true :P) building him up waaaaaaaaay highhhhhhhh just like I have for the past five years :D and IT FELT GOOD! That’s all it took……………….so now I am back to my role of fan numero uno, which is my favorite role in life and things are good. Really good J
And not only that, despite our failed attempt to get Columbo we did not give up and I am happy to report that we’ve added a new member to our family: Her name is Babushka and she would not be more precious. Yes she does have two eyes, but whatever, her other qualities far exceed this lack of coolness and she makes us sooooooooo happy.

Our baby girl Babushka

So now that things are back to normal I am looking forward to a 2012 full of hubby traps and experiments and fun and excitement, which is what, makes being married to P so great!


  1. This made me really happy to read as it had two great things: salsa dancing and praise of good husbands.

    Keep up the racing and blogging!

    1. Hi Leroy! Thank you so much for the comment! Thats the whole point of the blog: unti hubby bitching. I will keep up with both things and hope you keep up with the feedback